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Research Associate at Delaware State University in Delaware

Job Description
Job Title:Research Associate
Job Location:Delaware, United States
Employer:Delaware State University
Qualification:Master’s or Doctoral degree or in Agriculture/Plant Science/Biotechnology or related fields.
Experience:Experience in basic biotechnological techniques and working with biological systems.
Candidate Profile:Interest in agriculture and environment related applications of plant pathology, plant biology, plant molecular biology/genomics.
Research experience in agriculture, biology and biotechnology in a college, university, government or industry.
Ability to conduct greenhouse, growth-room, laboratory and field experiments and assist in biological research.
Prior experience in plant diseases, host-pathogen interactions or working with model or non-model plant species, management of laboratory, greenhouse, and growth room experiments and mentoring students.
Ability to work successfully with diverse students and faculty.
Responsibilities:Conduct biological research.
Manage laboratory, greenhouse/growth room and field activities as needed.
Communicate effectively with faculty, students, DSU Administrators and professional groups.
Assist in recruiting and motivating outstanding students and staff, and promote professional development.
Provide leadership by encouraging excellence in research, education and outreach activities.
Assist undergraduate and graduate students, and other laboratory staff with research programs.
Mentor graduate and undergraduate students, interact with faculty, staff and students at DSU and collaborating institutions, and participate in outreach activities for local K-12 institutions and the community.
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