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Turf MD App and Tomato MD App from APS

Turf MD and Tomato MD apps offer high-quality, peer-reviewed images, diagnostic keys, tools, tips, and recommendations for the identification and management of various turf and tomato diseases.

Turf MD and Tomato MD are available separately for purchase in iPhone/iPad, and Android formats. Just download the Plant Health app for free then purchase access to Turf MD and Tomato MD.

Turf MD ($4.99) is an interactive reference tool for the identification and management of turfgrass diseases. Turf MD was designed for golf course superintendents, sports turf managers, turf scientists, extension professionals, and anyone responsible for turfgrass health.

It includes a photo gallery, identification tools, decision support tools, an index of turfgrass diseases, and recommendations to help users identify and treat diseases. Specific features include:

Peer-reviewed image collections broken into three sections: environmental diseases, diseases caused by fungi, and diseases caused by other pathogens
Diagnostic keys that allow users to identify diseases based on turfgrass variety, temperature, and specific physical symptoms
General guidelines and steps for disease identification
An arsenal of disease control strategies for the management of turfgrass diseases
A directory of state turf extension resources so users can access more information and connect with their local turf specialists.

Turf MD’s content is based on three APS PRESS Books: Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, Third Edition (Edited by Richard W. Smiley, Peter H. Dernoeden, and Bruce B. Clarke); A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides (By Richard Latin); and additional images and keys found in the Turfgrass Diseases, Diagnosis, and Management CD-Rom (Developed by Gail L. Schumann and James D. MacDonald).

Tomato MD ($2.99) is an interactive tomato reference tool that helps hobby and master gardeners, professional growers, and consultants identify and manage nearly 30 key diseases, insects, and physiological disorders. The app is rich with images and tips covering everything from cultural to chemical management, offering specific features such as:

A diagnostic key of tomato diseases based on physical symptoms and the location of infection, including the leaves, stem, fruit, and whole plant
A photo gallery broken down by insects and mites and by specific parts of the tomato plant affected by these pests
An index of more than 35 common diseases, insects, and mites that affect tomato plants. Once the disease or pest is isolated, users can learn more about causes and sources, symptoms, management strategies, other plants that may serve as host to the pest, and more useful information
A tutorial on packing diagnostic samples for the identification of diseases, insect and mite pests, and other disorders
An updated list of U.S. diagnostic labs where samples can be sent

Tomato MD is based in part on two APS PRESS Books: Tomato Health Management (Edited by R. Michael Davis, Ken Pernezny, and Janet C. Broome) and the Compendium of Tomato Diseases and Pests, Second Edition (Edited by Jeffrey B. Jones, Thomas A. Zitter, Timur M. Momol, and Sally A. Miller).

Tomato MD was authored and peer-reviewed by American Phytopathological Society members Margaret McGrath, Gail Ruhl, Michelle Grabowski, Daniel Gilrein, Robert Wick, and Margery Daughtrey. Many others contributed images.

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